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Join Manley Fishing TEAM

Manley Fishing TEAM was developed to serve anglers in multiple ways. For $50.00 membership fee anglers receive:

APPAREL: A Manley Fishing shirt & hat!

DISCOUNTS: TEAM Members have access to deep discounts on Manley Fishing products as well as products from other great fishing product companies.

PRO-MOTION: TEAM Member angling and promotional skills are noticed with potential for reward. TEAM members can be recognized and voted on by fellow TEAM members for advancement to ProStaff positions!

DISCOUNTS:  Below are just some of the Manley Fishing TEAM Discounts. 



PARTNERED SPONSOR DISCOUNTS: (Discounts are subject to change)

  • 20% off KJ's Custom Lures
  • 20% off Xcite Baits
  • 15% off Bison Coolers
  • 10% off Lew's Reels and all the products sold at Ozark Extreme Outdoors
  • 15% off Cinnetic Reels
  • 15% off Boonedox USA
  • 15% off Manley Fishing Rods
  • 15% off Manley Fishing Apparel
  • 15% off Bushido Fishing Line (Braid & Florocarbon)

Team Manley Fishing is a dedicated group of anglers that fish regularly. Focusing on a wide range of anglers from different geographic regions, there is a wealth of knowledge for all who join to participate in learning from. Whether you're a beginner in the sport of fishing, or a seasoned veteran, there is a vast amount of benefits that you can receive!

Immediate benefits include discounts to great companies within the industry, as well as networking to help you grow within the industry! Who doesn't love a few discounts here and there? 

In the long run, Manley Fishing actually takes preference in our Pro Staff selection from our Team Members. It doesn't mean you have to be a Team Member to be selected for a Pro Staff Position, it just means, that if we know you already use our rods, then it would be silly to put our rods in the hands of someone who hasn't ever used them before. Not to mention there are higher discounts for our Pro Staff, and a few other great perks as you climb the ladder!

First year membership $50 (Additional year membership renewal is $50 or proof of purchase of at least one Manley Rod per year.)

To join Team Manley Fishing, follow the steps below:

1)  Complete the application here: Team Manley Fishing Application.  
2)  Submit $50 payment (Click on the "Manley Fishing Team" box in the shop or below)
3)  Send a Facebook Friend Request to "Leigh Sullivan Roberge" to be added to the Private TEAM Facebook Group.  You will be introduced to the TEAM and gain access to the amazing discounts only available to TEAM Manley members!

Tell your friends to Join TEAM Manley!