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MRF Systems

The all new Extention Rod for the MRF System has been redesigned from a high strength polymer resin, giving the extension rod a 125,000 PSI.  The new extension rods will not bend or break, but will flex just enough to allow the rod to load from both ends for further castability and higher performance!

Manley Rods Adjust-A-Butt MRF System (Multifunctional Rod Foundation) is a revolution in Rod Building. Built from lightweight anodized aerospace aluminum and high strength fiberglass polymer, it will never rust. Designed to never fail and last forever!

The MRF System offers fishermen the ability to adjust the butt handle of a fishing rod to any desired length. The system improves adjustable comfort, enhances performance and promotes balance of rod to lure weight ratio. Additional benefits to the MRF System are increased sensitivity through “tuning fork vibration technology”, allowing the rod blank to maintain more sensitivity while lengthening sensitivity by 2-3 seconds!

The MRF System is available in 3 sizes (A-C) and 6 colors (Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Red and Silver) to fit most any rod blank on the market or custom design imaginable. The MRF System is designed to receive the rod blank in two different ways-- either inside the rod blank sleeve or over the rod blank sleeve, both equally strong and sensitive! With 36 mix & match color options for any color build, now the Rod Builder can further enhance their custom designs.

The adjustability of the rear handle system reduces wrist strain and improves rod balance with any lure.  Instead of tripping over 10 rods on your boat deck, you can have one Manley Rod for multiple lures…saving time and money! The adjustable feature also ensures ease of storage in boat rod boxes.